Industrial Security Professional (ISP® ) Certification

Questions? Contact Sheri Escobar, ISP®, Certification Subcommittee Chair.

The NCMS is proud to announce the Industrial Security Professional (ISP® ) Certification Program, which received accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in September 2013. The Society is providing a professional certification to qualified candidates who work within the U.S. National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

The intent of the ISP® designation is to award professional certification and recognition to qualified candidates who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities their profession demands. The basis for the examination is primarily the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), the supplements, and other information security concomitant rules and regulations to include Operations Security, proprietary information, etc.

Successfully completing the examination will signify the overall competence of the candidate on NISPOM requirements, so current and prospective employers will have a recognized criteria to evaluate their performance.

The NCMS Professional Certification Program is the result of a three year effort by the Society’s Education & Training Committee, as well as the Chapter Chairpersons and the National Board of Directors.

The purpose of the ISP® certification is two-fold: 1) to provide recognition of the professional training and qualifications of veterans of industrial and government security, and 2) to provide guidelines for professional training needed by new security employees.

NCMS is dedicated to ensuring that the ISP® Certification Program is organized and administered in an impartial and fair manner; thereby avoiding conflicts of interest and outside influence, while ensuring an impartial and fair program.

Why Develop Our Own Program?
NCMS developed its own certification program because the Society saw a need to focus specifically on the needs of the Industrial Security Professional and to provide a vehicle for recognition of individuals who have achieved a standard of excellence in the field of industrial security.

What Do We Hope to Accomplish?

  1. Increase the professionalism within industry and government security;
  2. Enhance the recognition of industry and government security professionals;
  3. Increase the recognition of the NCMS as a premier security organization;
  4. Improve the cooperation between government and industry security personnel;
  5. Improve the security of national-security-related assets.

How Can YOU Become an ISP® ?

  1. You must have at least five years cumulative experience in the industrial security field. NOTE: Military or police experience alone does not qualify; such service must include substantial industrial security experience within these professions to qualify for the five-year experience requirement. Each case will be determined based upon its merits. Final determinations will be made by the ISP® Certification Committee;
  2. You must be working in industrial security at least part-time as part of your job description (defined as at least 10% of hours worked) in order for the experience to qualify;
  3. You do not need to be currently working in industrial security to apply for the exam as long as their work history satisfies the five year minimum requirement;
  4. You must have a written recommendation from your current supervisor. If you do not have a supervisor, a member of the NCMS Board of Directors or an ISP® in good standing may provide a recommendation;
  5. You must submit a completed application, collateral materials, and payment to the NCMS headquarters no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled test date;
  6. You do NOT have to be a member of NCMS to apply to take the exam;
  7. For more information, please refer to the documents listed below.

Here are links to documents for the ISP® program.

  • ISP® Brochure Industrial Security Professional (ISP) Certification Program This document provides requirements and qualifications for the program as well as information pertaining to the exam.
  • ISP® Experience Conversion Chart Industrial Security Professional (ISP®) Certification Program This chart will assist candidates with determining what is consider relevant experience in order to meet the five year eligibility requirement for industrial security experience.
  • ISP® Certification Program Manual Industrial Security Professional (ISP) Certification Program This manual provides details on the ISP Certification Program including benefits, philosophy, testing procedures, fees, etc.
  • ISP® Proctoring Instructions Industrial Security Professional (ISP) Certification Program Not only are these important for Proctors, but Candidates should review them too.  That way they can communicate to prospective proctors what is expected and are aware of the kinds of help the Proctor can provide.
  • ISP® Proctor Qualifications Industrial Security Professional (ISP) Certification Program Candidates must use this set of guidelines when selecting a proctor for the exam.

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